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Isaiah 42:1-4 >

This passage, referenced in Matthew 12:18-21, is often noted as an early messianic prophecy. In Isaiah's time, the Israelites awaited their Messiah. What were they expecting of him, and, what, in turn, are we to expect of Christ this Advent season?


First, we should expect justice. The word "justice" appears three times in these four verses. We are told that Christ will bring forth justice faithfully and with humility. He "will not grow faint or be crushed until he has established justice in the earth." In striving for justice, Christ models humility, serving others before himself – not for the praise of man, but for glory of His kingdom. Christ's justice involves restoring man's relationship with God and God's kingdom on earth - freeing it from exploitation and oppression, both spiritual and physical.


What does this entail for our own lives? What sacrifices, what lifestyle changes, will Christ's justice require of us? And when we work for justice – whether it's serving the oppressed or working to create a more equitable society - do we do it with Christ's humility? Consider how you might quietly move out of your comfort zone this Advent season - to sacrifice time and material benefits as you minister to others and help to restore God's kingdom.


Father of mercy, may we strive to follow your model of faithfulness and humility; may you give us the strength, through Christ's grace, to be ambassadors of justice in your unfolding kingdom.



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