The Incarnate Savior as an Expression of the Father


Daily Reading

John 1:14-18 >

The mystery of Christ is ever present in this passage. God becomes man, the being whom he created. To become that which one creates is a baffling concept, but God's reasons for doing this become clear. In John 1: 14-18, Christ's "dwelling" among us is similar to God's "tabernacling" with the Israelites in the wilderness (the tabernacle was the portable dwelling place of God in the Old Testament). In the same way, Christ came to dwell with us that we may know God and experience Him. Christ came as a human, in the flesh, with all the difficulties of human experience. In doing so, He revealed the glory of God the Father. It is through Christ that our relationship with God is restored, and "from his fullness we have all received grace upon grace." We remember that "No one has ever seen God. It is only the Son...who has made him known." Through meditating on Christ's words and actions, we better understand the Father. The good news is that Christ, through grace and truth, grants us a life in which we can dwell with Him without ceasing.


This Advent season, let us consider how Christ our savior helps us better understand the Father. As you study passages about Christ's time on earth, meditate on how His actions and teachings reveal what is important to God the Father.



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