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Women's Anxiety Group

Anxiety is an unwanted companion that follows us everywhere. Spiking at inopportune moments. Refusing to be subdued. Overtime we try to learn to live with it. We end up operating at a level of anxiety that is draining. It can wear us down. It can exhaust us.

Many who struggle with anxiety describe experiences in which the anxiety is silenced for a moment. Perhaps it is sickness, a vacation, a major life change. Whatever the catalyst, they notice in a new way something that had slipped out of their awareness. "I am a really anxious person." We don't even notice it until it subsides for a moment.

Our gut reactions toward anxiety drive us to try to manage it or eliminate it. And yet often, anxiety seems to come away the victor of our internal wrestling match.

In this group we are going to approach our anxiety in terms of our story. How is our narrative reflected in our anxiety? What can our anxious moments teach us about our heart? What does our anxiety say to us?

So, what does the anxiety group entail?

  • Meeting time and place TBD
  • Meetings will be 1.5 hours long
  • A 12 week meeting commitment
  • There is no cost for this group
  • This group is lead by lay leader

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