George MacDonald, Sex and Freedom: An Imaginative Exploration through His Fairytales

News for 03.25.18
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Sunday, May 6 | 5 - 6 PM
City Church Office | 1388 Sutter St Suite 412

With Gisela Kreglinger (PhD, University of St. Andrews), author of The Spirituality of Wine. This talk explores how George MacDonald (Scottish author, poet, and inspiration to writers like C.S. Lewis and Madeline L'Engle), in his fairytale "The Day Boy and the Night Girl", uncovered oppressive gender stereotypes operating in Victorian society in order to help his audience envision a more holistic and biblical understanding of sexual desire, freedom and wholeheartedness. We shall discuss how his wisdom can help us delve deeper into contemporary questions/movements that grapple with these important questions such as the #MeToo movement.

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