Hungry for Change

Adam Osfield Snell
Rice and Beans

Over 200 people from City Church have decided to fast together starting April 1st! In case you were unable to join us Sunday, we heard from a fair trade company, Trade as One, about an opportunity called Hungry for Change—a 5 day challenge that offers the experience of what it is like to live on $2 per day. Our goal is to break the fast together with the Maundy Thursday (April 5) meal. People with conflicts are fasting at other times too, so don't let your schedule keep you from this unique Lenten experience.

Accept the challenge by purchasing a $25 fast pack from Trade as One which provides fair trade rice, beans and oatmeal—enough to sustain a person for five days, approximately 1,000 calories per day. Participants will be emailed daily reflections during the fast and information on how to donate what you would have spent on food to our partner orphanage in South Sudan.

The program is fully supported with a detailed booklet of instructions, hints and recipes. We encourage people to taper off sugar and caffeine before they begin the fast and to soak the beans on March 31st.

The boxes are being delivered in bulk from a warehouse in Santa Cruz, so you need to order yours before 11:59 PM tomorrow, March 21. The fast packs will be available at 23rd St or Sutter St next Sunday, March 25th (alternative pickup days available).



Last call to accept the challenge >

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