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Group Life @ City Church

All groups offer welcoming spaces where we hope you can connect more deeply with yourself, others and God. Most groups will spark conversations using a mixture of the sermon study guide and seasonal resources. Some are more specific about their focus. Find one near your neighborhood or workplace and know your presence matters as we pursue growth and faith together in our lives and our city.

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Community Groups

Special Interest Groups




Please note * means location likely cannot accommodate children

Presidio: Wedemeyer & 15th Ave.
Fridays 6-8pm - Jared & Leah Davis
“We believe in leaning in to the challenge of community (whether it be in perspective, personality, or the energy of all ages in one place). Through hospitality, vulnerability and diversity, we extend the welcome of Jesus.”

Presidio Heights/Richmond: Rotates
Tuesdays 7-9 - Micah Russell
“This will be a group for slowing down to welcome each other, read and discuss sermons and scripture, and share food and time together or with other groups. We’re a new CG, so it’ll require some growing time, but that’s exciting to us!”

Central Richmond: 18th Ave & Cabrillo
Sundays 5:30-7:30pm - Jaclyn Mason | Rhonda Wilson
“We are a group of curious, diverse individuals across sexuality, gender, marital status, age, nationality who gather weekly in a safe, sacred space over a meal to discuss what it means to follow Jesus. Christ-centered unity not uniformity is our underlying value: we don’t all agree but we value the opportunity to gather and share different perspectives.”

Sunset: 21st Ave & Noriega*
Monday 7-9pm - Stephen Loucel | Ryan McDaniel
“The purpose of our group is to be a support system for one another. We enjoy each others’ company, love our diversity, and value being a part of each others’ lives.”

NOPA 1: Rotates*
Wednesdays 7:30-9:30pm - Kay Suk | Jay Carson
“We are a long standing community group of people who have undergone a lot of transitions in the city. As we’ve gelled, we would love to welcome people who want to commit to community with us.” 

NOPA 2: Rotates*
Wednesdays 6:30-9pm | Brett Wise
“Our consistency gives us great connection and a place to invite our co-workers and friends. We enjoy bi-weekly discussions, game nights, 2-3 service evens a year, and great food and wine!”

Cole Valley: Downey & Frederick
Tuesday 7-9pm - Liz Buzzard | Evan Coughenour
“Most meaningful to our group is building a community where we can deeply know each other and be known ourselves. We commit to gathering weekly to connect through camaraderie, food (cheese), drink (wine), prayer, and sharing of stories. We serve together monthly, discuss sermons and books, support each other and welcome healthy debate.”

SOMA: 8th St. & Mission*
Wednesday 7:30-9:30pm
Ryan & Johanna Aipperspach | Stephanie Lai & Sam Carstensen

“Our group is an intentional community that meets to build relationships, care
and pray for each other, and study together. The group often socializes together outside of our weekly meetings and regularly goes out for lunch after church on Sundays with members of our group and the broader City Church community.”

Bernal Heights 1: Alabama & Precita Ave
Tuesday 6:30-9pm - Ashley & Jeffery Liang
“We’re a group of younger singles and married couples with and without children. We share weekly dinners, study God’s word and challenge each other to live it out.”

Bernal Heights 2: Andover & Newman*
Wednesday 7:30-9pm - Mario & Ellen Martinez | Ernie & Marie Batrez
“The communal and relaxed “family meal” is full of laughter, study and serious care about each others’ lives. We are a racially diverse group of married and single individuals who enjoy each other’s company. We always have enough food and look forward to welcoming new folks!”

Mission: Albion & 16th St.*
Tuesday 6:30-8:30pm - Hannah Kim
“We want to live our best life in community. We support each other and often enjoy heady and academic discussions about a variety of topics!”

Moss Beach Mostly
Two Saturdays & One Friday/mo 6-8pm - Scott Balsitis
“We are a close group that shares honestly at whatever level people feel ready. We use the dinner hour to talk, get to know each other, and share support and laughter. During the discussion hour we follow the study guide with willingness to linger when something has sparked thoughts, feelings or questions.”

San Mateo: Rotates
Friday 6:30-9pm - Kumiko & Larry Jacobs | Brian & Sarah Adolf
“We laugh a lot, eat, study and share personal conversations. We love that our CG works as a kind of satellite for us during the week.”

Sunset & South San Francisco: Rotates
Tuesday  6:30-9pm - Shereen Adkins | Dale Tan
“We’re a close group that has evolved through many stages. In this season, we’ve realized that all we need to accomplish is to share relationship over weekly meals in a relaxed way that accommodates all ages. We’d love to welcome others who need the same thing.”



Please note * means location likely cannot accommodate children

Relationships In-ten(s/t)+ion
Fridays 6:30-8:30pm @ Inner Richmond: 7th Ave & Fulton - Erica & Jay Nunez
“Are you bored in your most important relationships? Are you tired of swiping left on your Tinder account? Are you longing for more?  So often we rely on common interests and social engagements when what we really desire is to move beyond the surface. What gets in the way? We want to explore our obstacles together and be open to vulnerability and change. Join us as we learn to practice grace and learn new habits to meaningfully connect with others.”

Moms Ministries for All Moms
Anne Nyffeler

  • working moms gatherings
  • Wednesday 10am Moms’ Group (book discussion & childcare)
  • Friday morning playdates
  • bimonthly night/weekend socials
  • quarterly family outings

“Moms Ministries bless moms so that they can bless their family. Neither our parenting nor our faith are best tried alone! If you are a new mom, know that you will be surrounded by support and wisdom. If you have been a mom for longer, know that your advice and example are invaluable.”

LGBTQ Group*
Tuesday 7pm @ Bernal Heights & Mission (Rotates) - Micah Ikemire
“While LGBTQ people are welcome in all groups at City Church, our group exists to provide a way for LGBTQ people at City Church to find each other. We meet two Tuesdays a month and serve at City Hope one Monday a month. Signing up for this group will also help us keep you informed about all LGBTQ events at City Church.”

Spirituality and the Twelves Steps*
Time & date TBD - Tyrone Kelly | Mike Stein
Have you ever found yourself repeating patterns of behavior over and over expecting different results? Do you long to get beyond your closely held idols and illusions about yourself and cultivate a more honest, free inner life connected to God? Join this reflection group based on Richard Rohr’s Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps.

Religious Trauma Reflection Group*
Time & date TBD - Melisa Blankenship
All churches are a reflection of the people that we are—beautiful and broken. However, sometimes we find ourselves in churches that cross the line, isolate its people, shame or humiliate its members as a way of keeping them in line, or that draw out our painful pasts only to use those details against us. When this is done by those in leadership, it’s called spiritual abuse. If this describes a painful past you’ve experienced, let us know. We’re assessing whether there’s a need to form a reflection group to work through this particular kind of pain and betrayal.

Artists’ Group*
Sundays (monthly) 7pm @ Chestnut & Mason - Minna Choi
“This is a fellowship group for professionally minded artists and musicians across any field or genre. Although sponsored by City Church, this group is open to artists of all faith and backgrounds. We typically share dinner for 90 minutes and share work together for 90 minutes. Dinners are announced in advance and require an RSVP.”

Newbigin 2.0*
Wednesdays (monthly) 7pm @ TBD Location - Elizabeth Marshman | Andrew Van Til
“For alumni/ae of the Newbigin Fellowship, this will be a monthly book-club style gathering. It will offer a great opportunity to continue the pursuit of biblical and theological growth and spiritual development for the good of the city in the context of community.”