Consider How Much of Life is Wasted on False Guilt and Shame


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Romans 8:1





Many think of the Christian life as filled with God's condemnation and our own guilt and shame. But this text calls us to an alternate reality: life in Christ Jesus that is free of condemnation. How can this be? Isn't God mad at us? Yes, and no. Sin indeed created a chasm between us and God. But in Jesus, God bridged that separation and took our condemnation.

So, are our actions without consequence or morally neutral? Not at all; because of Jesus our actions have ultimate value in God's economy and we are freed and invited to come before God to confess when we live contrary to his design. Condemnation for sinful behavior is taken by Jesus and we must not hold on to it. False guilt for what God has forgiven and shame for what God has removed is wasted time and energy; worse, it is an offense to say to God, "your forgiveness isn't enough...I'm still ashamed." False guilt and shame sidetrack us from serving God and others, from loving God and others.

Lord, take from me the spirit of laziness, negativity, self-will, and hurtful speech. Replace them with a spirit of wholeness, humility, patience and love. Grant me to see my own errors and not to judge others, to receive your forgiveness and forgive others, to serve you and serve others. Amen



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