Consider that I am Tempted Only by Me


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James 1:12-16





James says that my heart, not my circumstances or anything outside of me, is wholly responsible for whether I do the right thing or the wrong thing.

We want life to be easy...or at least easier than it is when trying times, difficult decisions, and unmanageable relationships present themselves. When these situations arise and we fail to do the right thing, we blame the situation or someone else: "He made me so angry...that's why I cussed him out." "She's always blaming me...that's why I lied." "If you saw what I have to live'd understand why I did what I did." James calls this deception.

He says that our behavior has its root in our own desire, in our heart. That desire could be for a seemingly good thing: peace, control, order...but when something steps between us and what we desire, and we pursue that desire in the wrong way, James warns that the ultimate result is death. He says that hardship functions as a test of character: either our hearts ultimately love God and neighbor, or our hearts are focused on what we want at the expense of the other.

Lord, I want to really love you and others so that this love alone rules my heart. When I'm tempted to serve myself at another's expense, help me see this is leading to death and to love the other person instead. Amen



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