From Privilege to Poverty


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Philippians 2:5-8





How can God possibly identify with my brokenness? How could He ever know my pain? These are our questions, and they reflect a real sense of conflict within. The God of the universe often seems so remote, invisible, and arbitrary. Hurricanes and earthquakes ravage whole people groups, and our own personal crises ravage our souls. Is it possible that such a remote God could understand? In Jesus, God says, "You're right...and I'm coming to your neighborhood to embrace your pain, and take on your brokenness." It's the most revolutionary moment in history—King Jesus sheds the royal robes for a human body. And in doing so, He finds Himself on a road that dead-ends at a Cross. In-between, He experiences rejection, betrayal, and doubt —the kinds of emotional and spiritual storms that we face every day. How can God possibly identify with our brokenness? Look to Jesus. Your pain may not go away, but you'll find a friend who understands.

Suffering Servant, I'm humbled by your nearness to my brokenness and pain. It's hard to believe that the God of the universe would come near to me. Would you remind me that you're there, even when I don't feel your presence? In the name of Jesus, Amen



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