God Provides a Way Out


Daily Reading

I Corinthians 10:13





St. Paul uses a vivid word to describe the experience of being tested or tried: overtaken. It calls to mind images of being captured, tackled unexpectedly, or run off the road by a crazy driver. That's what the dreadful experience is always like—it takes over.

But God's promise to help is just as vivid: a way out. With the presence of God's light there is always a new way of thinking. We do not have to sin, even when obedience is difficult. With the presence of God's love, we do not have to despair, but can remember that God is good and loves us.



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Daily Office Readings come from the Book of Common Prayer, a schedule of daily Bible reading that accords with the Church year. These readings are great worship resources for personal, family, or group use. Use it along with your City Church Worship Folder as a resource for readings, prayers, and hymns.



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