I Can Quit Whenever I Want


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Romans 7:14-15





Have you ever tried to change yourself? Why is it such a difficult thing to do? Often, either jokingly or sincerely, we'll say, "I can quit any time I want," trying to ease our discomfort with the jarring reality that it's nearly impossible to change ourselves.

If we embrace the Christian faith, we know there are actions and attitudes that are contrary to God's law and the way the Bible describes Christian behavior. There's also the added pressure of knowing that other people notice when we're not living up to the standard we profess to follow. I sometimes deal with this tension by trying to at least look like I'm keeping the standards, while redoubling my efforts to change my inner attitudes and desires. Even though this never works, and all my attempts to reform my own behavior fail, I still try.

In our own power, we can't overcome our own sin. In this text, Paul doesn't try to look like he's succeeded in becoming perfect, he doesn't minimize his condition, and he doesn't compare the sin he's still committing to someone else's in an attempt to make himself look less bad. He simply tells it like it is in a way that we can all relate to.

So what can we do? We can turn to God, being honest with Him and ourselves about our helplessness. We can remind ourselves about the truth of the gospel: we need God and God loves us. It's in this relationship where we'll find transforming power at work in our lives.

Father, help us to approach you honestly acknowledging our need for you. Remind us that as we submit our will to you, it is you that will initiate a change in our lives. Give us the courage to not hide from you or our faith community in the process.



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