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Matthew 3:13-17





John the Baptist was a prophet who prepared people for the coming Messiah. In the gospels, we see him baptizing people as well as sternly rebuking the religious authorities. Then something happens that takes him by surprise: Jesus approaches him for baptism. From John's response, it's clear that he believes Jesus doesn't need a baptism of repentance.

However, in being baptized, Jesus shows us that He is not only willing to take on our sin, but He is also willing to share in our submission to the Father. When Jesus states that he wants to fulfill all righteousness, he doesn't mean that He Himself needs to become right with God. Rather he shows that he is obeying God's mission by identifying with us in this baptism. When Jesus comes out of the water, God the Father affirms this action and His mission with two prophetic references--that this is His Son (Psalm 2:7) and His Spirit is on Him, the chosen one in whom He delights (Isaiah 42:1).

Father, thank you for having Jesus identify with us in this act of submission to you. Help us to also submit our lives to you, trusting in your salvation. Strengthen our faith when we are faced with decisions of obedience that may be vulnerable and humbling.



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