Prepared for the Inevitable


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Luke 4:1-13





From the cradle to the grave, we encounter temptation. It's a fact of life. Although we are redeemed through Christ's sacrifice, we struggle to align our desires with the values of His kingdom. In Luke 4, Jesus demonstrates how to do this, through spiritual preparation. By being alone and fasting, He directs all reliance away from Himself and toward God. Filled with the Spirit, Jesus is ready for battle. Then Satan presents Him with a choice: He can satisfy his earthly desires (turning stone to bread), gain worldly power (glory and authority), or hasten God's plan (proving he's the Son of God).

Jesus' quick, pithy responses are rooted in the firmness of his faith and his command of Scripture. In each case, Satan tempts Jesus the same way he tempts us today. Often, we berate ourselves for giving into temptation and doing things we know are wrong. We focus on resisting the temptation rather than on drawing nearer to God. Fasting and solitude allow us to surrender to God in a guided and consistent way. The study of Scripture prepares us to respond wisely to the difficult choices that confront us.

Consider how Christ's 40 days in the wilderness is relevant to your 40 days of Lent. What are you "fasting" from? How can this experience bring you closer to God and help you overcome temptation?

Gracious God, may you permeate our lives so that in times of temptation and distraction we may find our resolve in you and your example.



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