Quantifying Our Existence


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II Samuel 24:1-10





It seems like a fairly benign temptation: take a census. It seems reasonable to King David; a wise plan to do some book-keeping every now and then. And yet, David's census lands him in a heap of trouble. His punishment for this act, we later find out, is greater than the punishment for his adultery and murder. So, what's the big deal? The big deal is motive. Our heart's intention tells the real story. And David's heart sought his own glory.

Every day, you and I face the same temptation. We're tempted to quantify our existence. Our identity is found in how much we make, how many square feet our homes are, how tall or thin we are, how many people follow us. We're tempted to see our identity in power and relevance, in quantity and influence.

David forgot his roots. He was once the small boy who depended wholly on God...the small boy who defeated the giant. Now, David has become the giant. Have you become the giant?

Lord, humble me. I'm tempted to take the census, to quantify my existence. May I see Jesus as the King who rose through humility, and may I walk in His way. In Jesus' name, Amen.



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