Sacrifice = Flourishing


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Exodus 20:1-17





One of the most misrepresented, misused, and misunderstood passages of the Bible, is the Ten Commandments. Movies have been made, preachers have preached, others have scoffed, whittling the 10 Commandments down and inadvertently the Bible, to merely a "Book of Rules." Have you heard it said that Christianity is no more than a ethical religion aimed to influence and control moral behavior? To many who have journeyed in the Christian faith for some time, this may offend. However, it is interesting that no matter where we find ourselves on the faith journey, we all have been guilty of either misusing the commandments or picking and choosing the ones we follow. The commandments are not intended to force obedience, rather they are intended as boundary lines with which we all can flourish in our relationship with God and with one another. The rub is these boundaries require sacrifice. Sacrifice equals flourishing and true flourishing is dependent upon the well-being of others. Do you desire to flourish? If so, what are you willing to sacrifice? Reread 10 Commandments..... Pause..... Reflect.

Lord God, we all desire to flourish. Help us to give up those things that hinder us in our relationship with you and with others. Through your boundaries, may we come to understand more and more the joy of sacrificing and letting you be the only God in our lives.



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Daily Office Readings come from the Book of Common Prayer, a schedule of daily Bible reading that accords with the Church year. These readings are great worship resources for personal, family, or group use. Use it along with your City Church Worship Folder as a resource for readings, prayers, and hymns.



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