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Luke 23:13-25





Pilate finally gives the verdict the crowd wants: to hand Jesus over to be crucified.

It is a very confusing scene. Pilate, considering the charges brought by the temple authorities against Jesus, wants to avoid the request that he kill Jesus. He assembles the residents of Jerusalem and presents to them the idea of releasing Jesus, declaring Jesus innocent of crimes against the empire three times in this text.

Surprisingly, the people resist. They restart the trial by clamoring for Barabbas, a man with a notorious track record. Pilate can no longer control the scene, and in a showdown between what Pilate wants and the will of the temple authorities and people, Jesus is condemned to death. It isn't clear what motivates Pilate and Herod Antipas earlier in the chapter, or "the people" to act as they do.

When we look at the mess of this scene or the mess that we may find in ourselves, we can probably all agree that no matter how corrupt or bent on self-preservation all those forces are inside ourselves and at work in the world, God's will nevertheless perseveres.

In considering this confusing scene, we can recall Jesus on the cross, as he looks beyond the chaos and conflict and prays that his Father's will be accomplished.



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