The Forbidden Fruit


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Genesis 3:1-13





Wouldn't it be easier if every temptation came with a neon light that flashed "TEMPTATION?" We would be suspicious from the very beginning. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Temptation is subtle, alluring and unique to each of us. As Adam and Eve illustrated in the Garden, every temptation seems rational and appealing playing on our desires to be in control of our own lives. At the core, every temptation has the potential of revealing a distrust in God. Instead of questioning our motive to partake of the "forbidden fruit," we question and suspect God. Do we not learn from past mistakes? Could it be that the very thing we are longing and searching for is actually found in a relationship with God? Could it be that God is actually faithful, loving and cares for us more deeply than we can even fathom? Again, every temptation has the potential of revealing a distrust in God, because with every temptation a choice is given. What is your "forbidden fruit?" What form does it come in? And better yet, what will you choose this Lenten season?

Faithful God, we long for you and yet we run after other things to fulfill that longing that is solely meant for you. Forgive us for suspecting you rather than questioning the various things that we embrace. With every temptation you provide a way out, give us the strength to choose you.



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