Looking Back, Looking Forward

Matt Nault
back & forward

Last month, City Church in the Mission turned 2 years old! When we launched the 23rd Street campus on Easter 2010, we committed ourselves to be a presence of God's powerful, transforming love in the Mission District. We endeavored to "love the city more locally" by growing a community to serve our neighbors in this diverse, energetic, beautifully messy neighborhood we call home. And it's happening, as around 225 people gather for worship on 23rd Street every week!  It's happening, as we're blessed and sent out to serve our neighbors!


Real transformation is taking place, both within and outside the congregation. In the last two days, I've been inspired and filled with gratitude as I've met with with a number of people who have come to follow Jesus in the past year, others who are recovering from addictions, and still others who are finding creative ways to live as citizens of the Kingdom of God in their workplaces, families, and neighborhoods.


I am so excited to be a part of this growing movement of God's grace and healing in the Mission, and I'm eager for the next season of ministry as we continue to follow Christ to renew the city together!


New Season, New Location

Recently, the administration at Horace Mann Middle School, where we meet on Sundays, informed me that we can't meet there this summer because the school is being shut down for construction. That same week, Rev. Carmen Rosales, who pastors a small sized Spanish-speaking congregation, in a beautiful, historic building one block away, told me she had been praying about inviting City Church to share space in their amazing building! This seems like a provisional moment of God at work, as we now have a fantastic place to meet for the summer. This summer will be a trial season to see if a long-term partnership might benefit both congregations to serve our neighbors in the Mission better.


We're kicking off the season of meeting in the new space with an evening of prayer and worship at Mission Presbyterian Church (3261 23rd St. at Capp) on Wednesday, May 23rd at 7 PM. We hope you can make it!


Please pray for members of both City Church and Mission Presbyterian Church, as two churches share one space. Pray that this partnership will enable all of us to look outward in ministry to serve our neighbors in the Mission even more fully.

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