Musings on the Newbigin Fellowship


Will and Shiying

"People say they come to the Fellowship looking for answers and only get more questions.  In some ways, that is true - you definitely start to see how 'deep the rabbit hole goes' - but the journey leaves you nourished and inspired by the rich heritage of thoughtful Christians who have come before, both ancient and contemporary.


My wife Shiying and I joined the Newbigin Fellowship together this past year and it was a great experience! Taking this journey as a couple, we now have a common vocabulary for talking about and understanding our Christian story, we have practices and frameworks for wrestling with our sins and discovering our true selves, and we have a revitalized vision of the good news of the gospel for the world we live in.


The Fellowship is only the beginning of a bigger journey but it established a solid foundation that we are excited to build upon together!"


- Will Horn

Newbigin Fellowship Alumni 2011-12

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