Pornography: It’s Not Really About Porn - Part 2

News for 02.18.18
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Sunday, March 18 | 11:45 AM - 1 PM
Classroom #1

In this Part 2 of Pornography: It’s Not About the Porn we will get practical. Jay Wilson and Courtney Lemmon (from the City Church Counseling Center) will facilitate discussion, just for parents, so bring your questions. Below are topics we plan to discuss. Please feel free to attend—even if you missed Part 1. 

How do we talk about:

  • The sex industry—pornography as a business.
  • The difference between pornography and sex.
  • Prepping our kids when they are in a difficult situation with peers.
  • Feelings and emotional regulation.

Other questions we’ll cover:

  • How do we cultivate relationships with our kids?
  • What positive messages do you repeat in your home?
  • Who should provide sex education/education on pornography?
  • Are kids using porn as a study guide to learn about sex?
  • What if my kids walk in and I'm watching an explicit movie?

Childcare is available for children registered before March 12.
Lunch will be provided for children.

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