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Wounded by a Church

All churches are a reflection of the people that we are—beautiful and broken. However, sometimes we find ourselves in churches that cause us more pain and suffering than hope and healing.  Many have had experiences in churches where they have felt isolated, shamed, controlled or humiliated.  They feel the pressure to fall in line and conform and in the process being to lose their own voice and sense of self.  When a person experiences these feelings from those in leadership, it is call spiritual abuse.  If you find yourself wounded by the church or the leadership of a church, considering joining this group with others who have shared a similar experience.  This will be a safe place for you to process your pain in a meaningful way.

So, what does the Support Group entail?

  • Meeting time and place TBD
  • Meetings will be 1.5 hours long
  • A 8 week meeting commitment
  • There is no cost for this group


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