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Welcome to City Church Youth Ministry! We are so glad you are here. Whether you're a student with a family, a family with a student, or a student coming to visit on your own, City Church is glad to welcome you. We meet together on Sunday mornings and throughout the month with community groups and special events. You can find out more below, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with Youth Ministry Director Krizol Rizzo.


Youth Ministry

Sunday Youth Group

All Youth 6th through 12th grade
Starting, August 26th.
Twice a month, youth will leave the adult service after the Blessing of the Children and join youth ministry leaders in classroom 1. During this time, youth will get to explore and discuss scripture and stories related to sermon themes. The group will wrap up by rejoining the congregation for communion.

On all other Sundays, youth have the option to sit in the worship service or serve as Junior Aides in Children’s Ministry. Junior Aide training is required prior to volunteering.

Sunday Lunch: On the following dates: 9/9, 10/14, 11/4, 12/9, youth are invited to gather for lunch and more conversation after the service ends (we’ll meet near the doughnuts). Pick up is 1pm at the Russian Center. Please send your child with $5 and we'll cover the rest!

Youth Community Groups

All Youth 6th through 12th grade
Starting, September 10th.

This Fall, Youth Community Groups will be working through the book Who Am I? by Katherine Paterson. Community groups are a place designed for honesty, exploration, intimacy, and growth. This semester, Youth CG’s will be organized into a girls’ and boys’ groups. We want to invite young people to be fully present and honest, and feel that in single-gender groups this can happen in a unique way.

WHEN: Monday nights, from 7pm to 8:30pm.

Friday Night Youth Group

All Youth 6th through 12th grade
Starting, September 14th.
(usually meets every 3rd Friday of the month)

Once a month, youth are invited to unwind from their busy weeks and rest from the pressures of school and life. Friday Night Youth Group is an opportunity for youth to get to know each other, youth ministry leaders and parents better. Sometimes we grab a meal or dessert, we love playing games and watching movies, or simply enjoying the sights of our city together. This is a great time to invite friends!

Fall Overnighters

All Youth 6th through 12th grade



Krizol Rizzo