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Support Groups

The Lay Counseling Ministry of City Church offers topical support groups that run throughout the year. These groups are led by two of our lay counselors and address topics like divorce, grief and anxiety. Lay Counseling Support Groups are free of charge, are closed to new members once they begin, and meet for a finite amount of time. Our Support Groups exist to create an atmosphere that invites restoration from God.

LGBTQ Reflection Group

Are you an LGBTQ person looking for a small, safe, and confidential space to connect with others in our community over our shared experiences? Do you want a space to talk about:

  • Being in the closet?
  • Coming out?
  • Loss of community or …

Women's Anxiety Group

Anxiety is an unwanted companion that follows us everywhere. Spiking at inopportune moments. Refusing to be subdued. Overtime we try to learn to live with it. We end up operating at a level of anxiety that is draining. It can wear us …

Religious Trauma Group

All churches are a reflection of the people that we are—beautiful and broken. However, sometimes we find ourselves in churches that cross the line, isolate its people, shame or humiliate its members as a way of keeping them in line, or …