Thanks Be To God Through Jesus Christ Our Lord!


Lent 2011 Day 28

Daily Reading

Romans 7: 13-25 >


Daily Reflection

Have you ever noticed the difference in the number of people who go to the gym in the beginning of the year? We all mean well. We make New Year's resolutions to get in shape and embark on new workout routine in all earnest, but for many, we fail from our original vision and hopes for ourselves. This is a repeated theme that runs throughout our lives, especially with our relationship with God. Can you relate? The inspiration of this passage is undeniable for it tells us that in the midst of our destructive patterns, God rushes in to meet us and save us. Through the saving work of Jesus we are rescued from the part within us that has failed ourselves, others and God. One theologian commented: "For every look I take at my sin, I take two looks at the cross." During Lent, as you face those failings within yourself, your life, and others around you pray that you will remember to take (at least) two looks to the cross and remember what has been done on your behalf.


Daily Worship Resources

Morning Readings: Psalm 146 > | Isaiah 42:14-21 >
Evening Readings: Colossians 1:9-14 >


Other Resources

Read Introduction to the Lent Tradition >


Download pdf of entire Lent devotion >


Songs For Lent by New York Hymns >

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