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Blog Archives: January 2013


Why Everyone Should Be in Therapy (Including You)

In two years time, hundreds of individuals inside and outside of our church have been able to receive care through the City Church Counseling Center. While for some the idea of therapy can still seem taboo or unmentionable, we’ve seen an increased openness to professional and clinical counseling from a Christian perspective. Recently, Q Ideas, an organization dedicated to spreading ideas for the common good, asked our counselors to write about the de-stigmatization of therapy. Here’s a quick snippet: “I’m not sure who isn’t in therapy ...

Not All Counselors Are Created Equal

Johnny LaLonde
There is a huge amount of diversity in how counselors view the therapy process. On one end of the spectrum you will find therapists who see clients for 3-5 sessions and primarily focus on their thoughts and behaviors. Traveling deeper along that spectrum you will find counselors who acknowledge the impact of emotions, history and personality. Moving even deeper will bring you to a place that acknowledges the depth of the human soul. These counselors wield a perspective which views the external in terms of the deep internal. All of our ...