Year-end Giving



December Giving 2017


At City Church, we typically raise about 1/3 of our annual budget during the month of December. For those of you who call City Church your home, we want to ask you to consider what a year-end gift might look like for you or your family. Everything that you give goes to our mission to follow Christ to renew the city, and we are grateful for the incredible generosity of time, finances, and spirit of this whole congregation.



Dear Friends,

Recently, I was asked to summarize my 27 years in ministry. What immediately came to mind was that I have been trying to create a table for everyone, but kept building a temple for some. Temples, you see, have walls. Temples are obsessed with who is in and who is out. Temples exclude. In the Biblical story we follow, temples are temporal. Tables, on the other hand, are welcoming. They connote family and warmth, and suggest that all are equally embraced. They are also a foretaste of the future, as we experience each week at the communion table. Friends, City Church is more a table for everyone than we have ever been, and for this I am so grateful.

Each week I seem to be hearing a similar story from people who are finding our church; a story of needing a church that feels more like a table than a temple. “This is the only kind of church I think can attend,” I hear. Or, “I drive an hour to be here because I have to have a church with this unique identity.” “I can’t raise my kids in a church where everyone isn’t welcome.” “I need a church that is both biblically rooted and progressively minded.” One person recently told me, “I feel as if I can breathe again in church.”

Without question, our unique witness to the gospel in San Francisco is needed and strategic. The kind of church we are trying to build is one that your children will attend one day. I don’t believe the next generation will tolerate anything called “church” that feels more like a temple than a table. This is why, in our 21 years as a church I’ve never been more excited and energized about our future. I believe we are at the forefront of a new movement of what church can be for a new generation of Jesus followers.

And that excitement is why I am asking you to make us a priority in your giving. Our finance team has set a goal of raising one million dollars for the general fund this month. This is consistent with our historic need to raise 30% of our budget in the month of December. We will only meet this goal through the intentional and sacrificial giving of those who call City Church home.

We know many of you are giving sacrificially to fund our mission, and we want to say thank you! But we know we can do better. Of City Church’s 836 households, only 426 have contributed financially in the past ministry year. We would like to reach full participation in household giving to City Church. If you are not already, please make City Church a priority in your giving, in December and throughout the year.

We are in a new chapter at City Church San Francisco. The excitement, responsibility, and challenge of following Christ to renew the city is once again first and foremost on our minds in our community. God is at work among us, friends. Together, let’s keep the momentum going!

Grace and Peace,

Fred Harrell

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Questions concerning our budget & finances?

Contact the Finance Team

The City Church Finance Team is Alex Lim, John Matheny and Jeff Spears



How To Give

At City Church we have several ways that you can give to God's work through your tithes and offerings.

On-Line Giving

Give Now

There is a $50,000 giving
limit per e-Check (ACH)

Credit Card & e-Check (ACH)
transactions incur roughly the
same processing fees of about 2%

Automatic payment

Set-up automatic payment through your personal bank

Use the following
City Church of San Francisco
PO Box 641049
San Francisco CA 94164

Sunday Worship Service

Give during the Sunday Worship Service

Mail a check

City Church San Francisco
PO Box 641049
San Francisco CA 94164

Give a gift of stock

Our Broker:
Charles Schwab
City Church of San Francisco
Account # 4116-9792
Tax ID # 32-0256592
DTC # 0164
Code 40.
Please fill out this
contact form > and in the "Questions or Comments" section include the name and # of shares so we can ensure you receive proper documentation for tax purposes.

If no contact form is sent within 30 days of the stock donation gift entering the Charles Schwab account, the donation will default to the City Church of San Francisco general fund.

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